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The chemical industry should actively promote the development of green industry

Release date:2015-03-13 16:14:38

March 31, 2011 Macao international environmental cooperation development BBS and exhibition grand opening. The BBS with "green opportunities - low carbon city development" as the theme, various government departments, international organizations, business representatives and experts and scholars attending, discussion of green chemical industry development pattern and cleaner production scheme, share the cutting-edge technology and advanced management experience. China petrochemical association of special group to participate in the exhibition.


China petrochemical industry association executive vice President of Li Shousheng said the world faces three big challenges of food, population, environment are closely related to the chemical industry, and control the ecological environment pollution still need chemical technology finally. The chemical industry have a responsibility Carry forward the green spirit, the spread of environmental concept, strengthen technical cooperation between the international, regional, and promoting the development of green industry. The exhibition also opened a federation of China petrochemical group exhibition for the first time.


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